Le Zen

A brand new lamp design with LED colored lights, bluetooth speaker and a wine cooler. 


Set the vibe with Le Zen

Create your own ambiance anywhere, anytime.

Relax with your favorite music

Connect your device wirelessly with bluetooth to play your favorite music. 

Create your own ambiance
There are up to 7 colors LED modes. You can change it to any color to create the ambiance you like using the wireless remote control.

Enjoy your chilled drink
Add some ice to chill your drink while you enjoy the latest tunes.

Product information

Le Zen is a stylish wireless bluetooth speaker with LED moodlight and beverage cooler in 1. Le Zen is available in three different sizes. It is equipped with a high-quality 5 to 10W speaker. The moodlight function offers seven different color variations and can be operated via the supplied remote control.

Le Zen is water resistant (IP44) and shock proof. The 2600 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery offers a playing time of around 4-6 hours. The leather handle makes Le Zen easy to carry and with the impressive light and sound it turns any location into a party.

4 - 6 hours

7 different colors

5 - 10 W 

water resistant


Size 26 Ø x 38 cm (H)


€ 109,95 incl. btw


Size 33 Ø x 50 cm (H)


€ 159,95 incl. btw


Size 43 Ø x 63 cm (H)


€ 209,95 incl. btw

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